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Historically, Bhutan was known as “Lho Mon” which translates to the southern land of darkness. It could have been a metaphorical reference to the absence of any sort of social structure to govern the land, and its people. Bhutan was a land of impenetrable forest, and rugged mountains with pockets of isolated tribal settlements with different culture, and tradition. The pioneer Buddhist saints from the north saw this vacuum in Bhutan as an opportunity to widen its Buddhist community. The introduction, and the gradual spread of Buddhism in Bhutan took many trips to the country by different saints over few centuries preaching their dogma, and often constructing places of worship across the country. Buddhism was arguably the first semblance of an organized social structure that united people across Bhutan. Thus, Buddhism today is deeply rooted in its’ culture and its societal values of compassion, and the sensibility inspired from Buddhism deeply influences the outlook of every Bhutanese.

Bhutan was awarded the Earth Award at the 2018 International Tourism Bourse in Berlin in recognition for its environmental conservation effort, and promoting sustainable tourism. ­In a world that is overwhelmed by increasing pressure to fight climate change, Bhutan boasts of being the only carbon negative country on the planet.  Due credit is owed to our visionary monarch, His Majesty the Fourth king of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who is often to referred as the “Great Fourth”. His holistic and philosophical approach towards nation-building known as “Gross National Happiness” (GNH) is an internationally acclaimed. Inspired by GNH, Bhutan measures its societal progress by the collective happiness of its people, in addition the socio-economic development is one of the contributing factors. Other than GDP, Bhutan places equal emphasis on Cultural Preservation, Environmental Conservation and Good Governance. Pursuit of happiness is a prerogative of every Bhutanese.

Uniquely Lhungye Travels is a newly established and a certified tour operator based in Thimphu. Literally, “Lhungye” means naturally designed to prosper in Dzongkha. The company strives to deliver all the intrigued travelers from across the world, an opportunity to unveil the myths, and layers of strong cultural heritage Bhutan offers by organizing trips that ventures to sites with ancient architectures that hold deep history, and also include activities that allows interaction with the locals to truly deliver an authentic experience while in Bhutan. The quality of our service is ensured by partnering with good-rated hotels and transport services with consistent safety track records and employing knowledgeable guides to accompany you during your trip.

Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism in Bhutan.

Our vision is to provide an unforgettable and positive journey in Bhutan through high quality experiences.

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