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Trip costs

In addition, to the compulsory SDF of USD 200, each trip cost varies depending on number of days and logistic specifics with prices ranging from a minimum of USD 250 per person per night.



Your stay in Bhutan will be booked at TCB valid hotels which are a minimum of 3-star rated hotels and local homestays. Occupancy is in double or twin rooms in a hotel and/or homestays. If you are interested in hotels higher than a 3-star, it can be arranged for an additional cost.


Services included

TCB certified tour guides with English proficiency and English speaking drivers will be arranged for you. Specific language guides options can be arranged at an additional charge. In addition, expert guides such as culture, birds etc can also be arranged. Entry fee to local attractions tailored to each trip will also be included in your trip.


Health and Travel insurance

It is mandatory for guests to have an appropriate international travel insurance that covers health emergencies and other unexpected expenses. Guests from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives have the option to purchase domestic travel insurance at the port of entry to Bhutan. Health insurance should have coverage of accidents, illness and any unexpected events outside their home country.


Book a trip

You can book a trip advertised on our website or we can tailor trip to your requirements. Guests can book a trip by completing the registration form and emailing a scanned copy to the company. Their registration form should also be accompanied by a copy of their current and valid passport and a recent digital passport photo. We advise our guest to books trips at least six months in advance. We offer booking to flights to Bhutan from the nearest port of entry, i.e., Bangkok, New Delhi, Dhaka, and Kathmandu.



Payment for your trip can be made via bank transfer to Bhutan National Bank under the name ‘Uniquely Lhungye Travels’, the ultimate beneficiary of the funds. Full payment including the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) for a booked trip must be paid at least four months prior to the planned date of the trip.


Trip cancellation

There will be no refund for any tour cancellation within 72 hours of planned trip. A refund of 20% will be provided for cancellation within 5 days of planned trip, refund of 50% for cancellation within 8 days of planned trip and full refund for cancellation within 10 days of planned trip. If the planned trip is cancelled by the company, a full refund will be made to guest.


Refund processing

Any trip refund applicable will be processed without delay once cancellation is confirmed by guest, and refund amount is agreed between company and guest. Any transfer costs/fees incurred due to cancellation by company will be covered by the company.


Why Book With Us?

We arrange everything for you from international flights, internal charters, transfers, accommodation and personal guides meaning you won't have to worry about dealing with different service providers.

Our pricing module is 100% transparent, meaning that our trips are always at the government mandated minimum daily rate - no added premiums or hidden fees. Because you shouldn’t pay more for the same service.

  • Fast Response
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  • Flexible Itineraries
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